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About Us


It is our personal goal at “Jyla’s Studio of Dance” to provide a structured and disciplined environment for our dancers to reach their full artistic and personal potential. As a parent, you can aid your child by encouragement, consistent attendance and a strong commitment to their training. We welcome you and your child, and we anticipate a stimulating and rewarding experience.

Our Goal: JSD provides dance as an enriching discipline to the lives of many children within the demographics of our community. We expose students to various techniques and styles of dance in an annual dance concert that highlights their progression as a dancer. We service the whole child instilling confidence, self- esteem, and performance readiness.

Mission Statement/ Beliefs: Jyla's Studio of Dance mission is to service every child we come in contact with by providing them real- life experiences and discipline through dance. To develop young inspiring dancers that will share and give back their appreciation and love for the arts. JSD is not only a physical art program, we also represent character, poise and integrity.

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