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Class Schedule, Fees and Class Description

Beginners 1 and 2 $75.00 Monthly

Dancers are learning to retain fundamentals in Ballet and Tap. Students will learn hopping, skipping, galloping as well as recognize arm and feet positions. Sing- A -Long musical selections help to keep students engage. This class is design for students who have had very little or no dance training.

Beginners/ Intermediate 3A $110.00 Monthly

Dancers’ are maturing and able to identify more ballet terminology as it relates to movement and counts. Dancers are somewhat aware of body alignment and can appropriately make bodily changes. Beginners 2 dancers learn more combinations during floor activities.  

Intermediate Level 4 $130.00 Monthly

Intermediate Level 4 is most fit for students who are familiar with a large range of ballet terminology as it is parallel in many ways to Jazz and Modern dance. This class has a high level of rigor, focus and discipline. Student dancers must show a great deal of enthusiasm and motivation. Students in this level must take Ballet, Tap, Jazz, & Modern.


Intermediate/ Advance Level 5 $130.00

Intermediate and Advance Level 5 students in many ways are Performance Ready! Student’s ability to learn various techniques is commendable. Students focus on a larger range of technique skills and combination floor work. Students are able to pick up at least a 32 count combination with confidence and poise. Students in most cases are prepared to audition for performing arts high schools as well as audition for performing arts colleges with high acceptance.